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Legal and financial advisory firm with more than 10 years of experience, made up of a team of highly trained professionals, which allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients within a competitive and globalized market.

For the benefit of our clients and Guatemalan society, we participate in business chambers, business organizations and teaching.

"Our consolidation in the market as a firm has been cemented by the professional, ethical, responsible and dynamic provision of our services."


Practice areas --------------------

  • arrow_drop_downCorporate and Company Law
    done_all Incorporation of commercial companies and companies.
    done_all Incorporation of foreign companies.
    done_all Organization, reorganization, liquidation, merger and acquisition of companies.
    done_all Increase or reduction of capital, issuance and amortization of shares.
    done_all Registration of appointments of trade assistants (legal representatives).
    done_all Minutes of assemblies or general meetings, sessions of the board of directors or boards of directors.
    done_all Securities and all kinds of commercial documents.
    done_all Preparation, analysis and interpretation of commercial and civil contracts.
    done_all Others.
  • arrow_drop_downReal estate law
    done_all Planning and legal structuring of real estate projects:
             brightness_1 Incorporation of companies necessary for the project.
             brightness_1 Registration of the brand and other intellectual property of the project.
             brightness_1 Easement over the housing units.
             brightness_1 Constitution of the Horizontal Property Regime.
             brightness_1 Unification and dismemberment of polygons.
             brightness_1 Real estate registry and cadastral research and analysis.
             brightness_1 Deed of bank authorizations for the development of the project.
             brightness_1 Deed of partial liens releases.
             brightness_1 Settlement of cases for issuance of FHA insurance.
             brightness_1 Verification of compliance with money laundering measures.
    done_all Advice on the structuring and formalization of bank financing and its guarantees.
    done_all Negotiation and formalization of real estate contracts (promises, sales, payment letters, leases, among others)
    done_all Real estate legal audits.
    done_all Litigation and conflict resolution.
    done_all Others.
  • arrow_drop_downLabor Law
    done_all Preventive legal advice on work material and social security.
    done_all Legal audits on labor and social security.
    done_all Review and preparation of Internal Work Regulations.
    done_all Employer support documents derived from the employment relationship.
    done_all Judicial or extrajudicial labor processes.
    done_all Occupational health and safety committee.
    done_all Individual and collective hiring of work.
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downImmigration Law
    done_all Immigration regularization
    done_all Temporary Residents.
    done_all Permanent Residents.
    done_all Visas
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downIntellectual Property Law
    done_all Trademarks, trade names, advertising or advertising signs
    done_all Patents of invention, utility model and industrial designs.
    done_all Copyright
    done_all Legal advice on Intellectual Property.
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downBanking and Financial Law
    done_all Credits with their different guarantees
    done_all Trusts
    done_all Legal advice on project financing.
    done_all Advice on banking contracting and other financial services.
    done_all Others.
  • arrow_drop_downFinancial and Investment Advisory
    done_all Advice for:
             brightness_1 Corporate financing.
             brightness_1 Project financing
             brightness_1 Readjustment of bank and non-bank liabilities.
             brightness_1 Negotiation with local and regional banking institutions.
    done_all Legal and financial advice for the incorporation of commercial activities in Guatemala.
    done_all Assist foreign investors to access local and / or regional banking.
    done_all Identification of investment opportunities and counterparts.
    done_all Member of Boards of Directors.
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downCivil law
    done_all Estate structures and estate planning.
    done_all Sale of movable and immovable property.
    done_all Leases and subleases
    done_all Wills and donations
    done_all Increase, reduction and fixation of alimony
    done_all Declaration of incapacity; declaration of absence and presumed death; disposition of minor, incapable or absent property; recognition of pregnancy or delivery; rectification of entries and records of the Civil Registry; constitution of family patrimony; name change.
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downNotarial Law
    done_all Public structures, notarial acts and notarial documents.
    done_all Reasons for legalization of documents and signatures.
    done_all Validation of documents from abroad.
    done_all Notarial voluntary jurisdiction.
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downLitigation and Arbitration
    done_all Credit recovery
    done_all Civil and commercial lawsuits
    done_all Labor lawsuits
    done_all Arbitration
    done_all Against Public Administration (Coercive Administrative and Economic Litigation).
    done_all Appeals, Cassations, Amparos and Unconstitutionalities.
    done_all Others
  • arrow_drop_downOther services
    done_all Associations, foundations, civil societies and non-governmental organizations.
    done_all Succession, judicial or extrajudicial processes, wills or intestates.
    done_all Advice and processing of supplementary qualification processes.
    done_all Advice and processing of raffles, raffles, contests and commercial promotions.
    done_all Sworn translation, free translation and interpretation.
    done_all Others

Affiliations --------------------

Our firm is affiliated with important companies and business networks that give us the professional support we need to provide a high-level service.


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A firm of advisers and consultants in legal matters that includes different disciplines in the branches of law. We focus on providing concrete and practical solutions.


To be a leading firm in the provision of legal services at the national and international level, with services focused on satisfying the needs of our clients in an immediate, reliable and transparent manner and with a high degree of responsibility.

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